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Responsible Shopper!

Responsible Shopper helps you make environmentally preferable purchasing decisions.

image from Horizon Magazine.

A program from Co-op America with business profiles and tips, Responsible Shopper gives you some of the information you need to make more informed purchasing decisions. Look what they have to say about Target, Cub Foods’ Parent Company, Supervalu, or Toyota.


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Best Green Blogs

Best Green Blogs is a fantastic directory of green-themed blogs. Many are stories and tips from ordinary people living greener, and some are location-specific (Hawaii, India, Chicago, Pacific Northwest, etc.). Some cover green travel, some cover green weddings, and some cover alternative energy. This directory is definitely worth a look.

It was on Best Green Blogs that I found The Greenest Dollar, a blog with information about how to save money by saving the environment.

The Greenest Dollar featured a post on Monday about Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program, for all those shoes that are “too nasty for Goodwill.”

The good news is, there are tons of drop off sites so you don’t have to mail your shoes to Oregon – my nearest one is at the Boys & Girls Club in Minneapolis.

Happy reading!

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Detox Your Home

So you’ve heard of juice fasts and spring cleaning, but have you ever thought about detoxing your home?

Planet Green has! Room-by-room instructions for sprucing up your house.

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Green Girls and Green Guys Global

Begun in September 2006, Green Girls Global covers everything from green weddings to green web design. Its counterpart, Green Guys Global, does cotton to politics.

Check them both out, or sign up for their newsletter digest!

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State of Green Business

Joel Makower and released the State of Green Business report this past week.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the report cites successes in clean-tech investments and reductions in toxic emissions as the biggest environmental achievements – but finds that most of businesses’ efforts haven’t made much of an impact yet.

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A sassier shade of green?
Find stylish tips for greening your life.

…like this tip finding Eco Coupon Books from Fort Collins, CO to New York, NY.

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Keetsa – Green Mattresses, Green Blog

So Keetsa is a provider of green mattress and assorted accoutrements. They buy directly from the supplier and send via UPS. The theory goes, UPS is already in your neighborhood. Might as well make them take a mattress, eh?

While I have bought the only mattress I will be buying for the next decade or so, I do heartily enjoy Keetsa’s blog. From solar iPod chargers to Leo DiCaprio’s green habits, Keetsa’s blog tells all.

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